Network Suginami Kokoto was established in May 1992, as a P.C communication networkfor the handicapped.

Lecture 1 At present we have 120 members of whom 40% are handicapped.
We include people with various kinds of handicapped.
For example, hearing problems, physical disorders, visual disorders, speech disorders,And people who join sign language clubs, volunteer activities, students,welfare office staff members, and people of all ages also join us.

Even if you think P.C are boring, please come to our meeting!
We are so energetic that you'll change your way of thinking and will be surprised that so many different people are getting together.
And we make full use of P.C very seriously and dynamically.

[Society Without Handicap]

The structure of P.C communication is exchange of letters by connecting the telephone line and P.C .
The convenient points for the handicapped are:

Lecture 2 1)You can choose the computer according to the kind of handicap.
2)You can use it at any time whenever you are free.
3)You can use it whenever there is a telephone.
(even with the portable telephone.)
4)You can use it at your own pace.
(It's possible to keep your sentences in floppydisks in advance, and so you don't have to hurry up.)
5)You can communicate with whoever you like regardless of the type of P.C.

As you see, it's really a convenient mean of communication for anybody.
Moreover, on P.C, everybody are equal, and of course, age, sex and social position don't matter.
It's all up to you whether you should not speak irresponsibly.
It depends on each person if such a convenient media is used effectively or not.
Lecture 3

[Fresh Information Is Close To You]

We, Network Suginami Kokoto have 2 purposes.
One is the supply of information and the other is communication.

The contents of the supply of information are information about welfare and Suginami.
These are closely related to each person's everyday life.
For example, when someone asks if there is a coffee shop where people onwheelchair can visit easily, other members could answer to it.
Any small information will grow up to be a big infoemation.

[Beginners are welcomed!]

If you worry that P.C may be too difficult for you, please do not.
We, Network Suginami Kokoto want to be a network for such beginners.
To make good use of this convenient instrument, we hold the meeting for the beginners every month.
We device and cooporate for people who aren't very familiar with the machines.

We do want to be a network on which each members can see the partner's face over telephone circuit.

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